Social Responsibility


The social and environmental responsibility is very important to us. We believe that the people who contribute to the production of our goods should have the opportunity to life as good a life as we do. In other words; We do not misuse and exploit other people for our own sake. The seamstresses of B-Jeans by Bessie’s goods are all grown-ups who get a decent salary. The working environment is controlled and regulated in accordance with EU rules and working conditions are in line with Danish conditions.

The social responsibility of BESSIE COPENHAGEN is also rendered in the form of environmental considerations. All the water that is being used at the laundries associated with the production will be cleaned and recycled. Production is in Europe, which means that transport time is shorter and we reduce CO2 emissions as products can be transported by lorry instead of aircraft.

All buttons, rivets and zippers are nickel free, this is a requirement that applies to goods produced within the EU, which is of great benefit to consumers.