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The factory is located in the central part of Italy, in the region called Marche. This region is one of the largest in the production of clothes and shoes.
The region of Marche extends over 9694 km2 across the central mountain range of the Appennines between Emilia-Romagna in the north, and Tuscany and Umbria in the west, as well as Lazio and Abruzzo in the south. The entire eastern border is formed by the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The majority of the Marche region is characterized by hills and mountains.

Before the 1970s, Marche was mainly an agricultural region, where production of goods came from small craft companies. Since the 1970s, the region’s economy has changed radically, as many of the small businesses, especially in the clothing and clothing industry, grew and became large companies, some of them even becoming world-renowned brands. The development led to the different provinces of Marche specializing in the production of different types of goods.

Marche is still a relatively unknown region, but has a lot to offer in terms of historical and cultural, as well as a very beautiful coast with beautiful sandy beaches.

We are proud to manufacture our products in such a beautiful, style-conscious country. A country that has a very old and strong culture, as well as a wonderful kitchen.